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Rude behaviour of staff

Dear I am regular customer of Raymond , would like to inform your staff at Raymond shop Senapati Bapat Marg pune ... is not properly groomed in CRM , they don’t know about point schme and redemption process ...on enquiring ideally they should solve instead they asking customer to find their own solution or stop purchasing Raymond ....very strange experience from an established and zero tolerance company staff

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I also face such type of disrepect from seller, when i asked them about offers and all they behaved disrepectfully . I think reymond or any other brand must have same prize all over the world .Raymond should give frenciegies to good behaving persons only . Very disappointed

During my recent visit at Palladium Lower Parel, Mumbai, I ordered 2M2M Pants to be stiched.

I requested reduction in waist size of my earlier pants (2 Years Back ) from Raymond only.

Lady in charge was discourteous said we can't do anything as it is 2 year old pant.

Which means I have to travel to another tailor shop.

My earlier tailor not only used to stitch new but also used to give service of alterations.

Here at Raymond requested only waist reduction. let new buyer should know this

Sir I was your happy customer since 10 years.As dusshera was coming so I went to BALLIA RAYMOND'S SHOWROOM to purchase clothes in free tailoring voucher I purchased clothes from Raymond and gave to Raymond tailor he took all the measurements wrong which I was not knowing.he said to give after 1 week, but when I arrived after 1 week to take my clothes back I saw that he has shortened the length of my pants without my consent.but as when shop owner MR AGARWAL told to tailor to correct the pant measurements he started arguing very rudely and told that he will not stitch any clothes of my in future... Sir I was your happy and sincere customer since 10 years and in that 10 years I have never seen such a rude and harsh behavior of raymonds tailor but this tailor shown some inhuman behavior..AND that tailor have shown this type of behavior to many customers. And due to this I will never buy any product of raymonds.. Sir if you really care about the customer feelings kindly look at this matter strictly. Your's sincerely Unhappy customer Ganesh Prasad
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