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very bad khadi shart sheet

I use the khadi shart sheet only 2 days then the said shart is damage Why? 

This is with regards to formal trouser for which I bought the cloth and got it stitched at The Raymonds shop - Phoenix market city ( Pune ). The tailor took the incorrect measurements of my waist and stitched the trousers incorrectly. I have visited the store thrice in last two weeks to get the waist loose but they keep the trouser everytime and are not taking the corrective action. The staff at the store was also rude and when I called up to inform about the faulty stitching and ask why a trial was not taken before the delivery he replied saying speak to the tailor. I paid 3000rs for this trousers and regret that my money is wasted on these incompetent and dishonest people.

I also got a khadi shirting which was defective .

very bad  I bought  it at such high price

I bought shirt cloth from you here, after the same washing, the fibers have come out and it seems that this garment is torn, please make my money back and I am very disappointed that such a garment on your shop If you do not pay back money, I will never buy clothes from your shop.
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