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Fabric defect

Dear sir I have sent you an mail giving my problem with reymond fabric. Pleyreply

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Sir I have sent you mail with photos I brought fabrtfrom thana shop and got it stitched. See the conduit material within 24 hours Please reply Regards Tingare

Regret to say that Raymond does not bother about their after sales or customer complaints.  They actually dump wong material for curtain and upholstery.  Despite repeated complaints and follow up, no body from Raymonds actually bothered about my complaint or replace the wrong curtain material.  My complaint ticket no. 425.

I will ensure neither me or my friends ever purchase Raymond materials for any purpose.


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My ticket No 830 I have a problem in poor fabric quality I will weighting Response from reymond.
What the fuck service you provide to customer l... who the hell take responce for fabric damage company or customer.I have purchased cloth from M/S GOKUL THE RAYMOND SHOP Dr D.N SINGH ROAD BHAGALPUR 812001 On 3Oth of march 2018 which cost 2144 and i have paid from my debit card and there's bubble come out from trouser within 1 uses. I lost my bill. And when i complain regarding bubble the shopkeeper reject it told me to give invoice.. i show him the transaction details but they reject it. What can i do with that fucking trouser.

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We also purchased a trouser in the month of March from the exclusive showroom. After two use bubbles have started coming. Park Avenue / Raymond's has lost the quality.
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