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Tailor work

We got poorly sitched suit after paying 5200 fee. Is it normal for them to give poor service or is it exception?

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I had the same problem with the stitching with my trousers, gave 4 gave measurements, went after 8 days to check with one trouser gave amendments and again they stitched with the wrong measurements. A local shop would have done a better job

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In my case: 

Order date: August 2016

No. of trials: > 15

One month back , my trousers were handed over to me. While I was doing iron , I observed that not even two legs of same trouser are similar in fit.

When I reported the matter , Store Manager -Sudhakar Iyer ( The Raymond Shop, Sector-11, Dwarka, Delhi-110075)  gave a stupid excuse that one leg might have shrink due to hard iron.

Shit Approach n Shit Reply..

Pure negligence of Raymond Master. These chaps are least bothered about the finishing. They have no clue of Custom Tailoring.

Raymond is focussing in giving road side vendor experience to their Customer's.

I have decided to send a legal notice to The Raymond Shop.

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For nearly 10 years I have been a satisfied customer of Raymonds, Especially when it comes to suit. I think it's fair to say at least half my wardrobe comes from your fine establishment such as Raymond & Park Avenue.

However, my most recent purchase left me extremely disappointed. It was my wedding and had given my suit to stitch at Raymond Vashi Store. The measurement was taken wrong when i went for first trial. Again after giving measurement the suit was not properly stitched according to my instructions. The fitting was pathetic. I had to run to another Raymond shop for alteration since Vashi store dint had alteration facility. Even after this the suit was not properly fitted. I literally had to wear same suit for my wedding due to time constraints. This made me look pathetic and my wedding attire and my mood was spoiled. I never expected this from Raymond. Hard to say but this was my last purchase from Raymond when it comes to customizing or stitching suit, shirt or trouser. 

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I have been a Raymond customer since long. However, in last couple of purchases it seems that Raymond does not want their customers to be loyal with them.

I got one shirt stitched in June 2017 and after two three wash it started reducing in length !!!!!! When given back to "The Raymond Shop" they took it and said when Raymond representative will come they will take this issue. Still no update from them.

Being more optimistic and not losing hope, I tried to get more two shirts stitched. AGAIN THE SAME PROBLEM !!!!!!! Horrible experience. Still the last problem is not solved and another one already started. Now I am even afraid to go to "The Raymond Shop" may be they will keep these shirts also with them and I will have to hopelessly wait for their response.

Shop Location - Sector 21, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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Hi having a terrible experience at Raymond store where I have given two suits for stitch. I have not even got the trials as committed by them till date.. When I Call them they simply tell you that we will get back to you... I guess made an incorrect decision to go for Raymond considering the brand and the experience.... Hope that the Raymond officials take cognizance of this and do some timely corrections to handover a good experience...

Hahahahha..... One of the worst place to stitch your cloth @Raymond; Just waste of money...... Very bad experience with me today. Felt road side experience.

This is third time with me .... every-time Raymond people giving completely unethic explanation.....

Not advised to go with this Brand....

I went to Kamla Nagar showroom & my husband is an old client there. His Nehru jacket that he just wore once got stained at one point and we tried removing the stain but in the process fabric got discolored . I wen to masterji who takes all measurements of my husband to discuss if we could replace the stained area with a panel kind of design since my husband wore once - masterji was so rude and insensitive, he just didn’t want to suggest anything as it required creativity n hard work . Upon my repeated request he concluded that my tailor will not do such kind of repair work . I then went to the store manger n requested , he cleverly replied that he ll get it done but the repair would be as steep as the cost of the jacket and he wasn’t sure of the time , also he said that he doesn’t have any idea so it’s totally my risk of the look . As a store manger he could have called the master and discussed plus he could source a fabric that would look aesthetically good with the jacket , but he was so not concerned and was busy munching Gutka that he barely could talk . So unprofessional!!!
Very very poor services from Raymond and it's franchise shri radhe at wardha road near panchsheel talkies. The world worst Raymond's shop......
The raymond showroom in salem, tamil Nadu, has awesome tailors who forgot adding pocket while stitching the shirts. All 3 shirts are pocket less. Visited the shop twice to find unethical behavior and reply of the tailors. No calls from them yet.Raymonds has become very much unprofessional of their work.
What will consumer court act on such matter ?
I am very disappointed with the tailor work on my costly clothes that I had purchased from Raymond Shop in Noida . I think he is very unprofessional and not trained tailor by the work he did on my two shirts . I am very much disappointed with this .I am shocked to see how Raymond hired such tailor who don't know basic stitching also. If I would have stitched it outside then it may be better. I needed I would go to Consumer Court because they have ruined my clothes
I m also very disappointed from trail also.gave time 1st Feb but clothes not ready till 2nd Feb. I purchased again clothes for functions. Poor service
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